Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Interview with Mark Gaylord, Greenport Highway Superintendent

  Mark Gaylord, who is Greenport's Highway Superintendent and running for re-election, addressed some of the issues surrounding recent basement flooding and sewage back up in parts of Greenport. 

 Some residents believe that recent basement flooding is due to run-off from newly narrowed roads after heavy rains. Some went to the New York State Department of Transportation in Poughkeepsie to complain, but the State complimented us for what we did. Less blacktop means less run-off more grass means more absorption, so narrowing the roads cuts down on the water that runs through town.  Wider roads also cost taxpayer dollars. During winter we were making three or four passes to plow them, which means more hours and more material and higher costs. 

Flooding in Greenport has generally been due to water line construction, which, in some areas, damaged the drainage system. In some cases drainage systems were removed and never put back.  Insufficient drainage and excess water then seeped into the ground and foundations around the houses. 

Run-off from the roads, narrowed or not, will not get into a sealed sewer system. Recent flooding has occurred along narrowed roads and roads that were not narrowed. Most homes along narrowed Greenport roads had no flooding.

Flooding has been a problem for years in Greenport.  To solve it, we need a drainage district.  Although this is very expensive, a reasonable approach is to pick the worst area first, create a budget, and bond it. Then the highway department would maintain it.  I will work with the Town Council and the Water Department to help implement such a system without undue hardship to our local taxpayers, so that the risk of flooding will be greatly diminished. 

I've been Highway Superintendent for ten years, and I have constantly enjoyed the deep satisfaction of making the roads smooth and safe for my Greenport neighbors.  I look forward to serving you in years to come.

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